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American Police Racketeering

Whenever there is an opportunity to connect a favorite media of mine and real life, I take it with enthusiasm. Today while talking to my beloved father, he enlightened me to the idea that the Ferguson Police should be indicted not on civil rights violations, but on federal racketeering charges. This blew my head open and made my jaw drop, “But of course!” I replied. This then speed my cerebral neurons firing off, making me think of “Breaking Bad” and the descend of Walter White into the criminal underworld. One of my favorite moments of “Breaking Bad” is when Walter White’s brother-in-law, DEA agent Hank Schrader, is describing Mr. White, or rather his alter-ego Heisenberg, “He runs the biggest meth racket in the Southwest”. This is a feat, an accomplishment for sure because the Southwest is absolutely huge, absolutely wild, and meth is incredibly dangerous.  Hank is irate, irritated, and outraged when he says this. Racketeering from his own brother-in-law enrages him and he must put a stop to it. The show “Breaking Bad” is perhaps one of the best examinations into how taking on the identity and persona of a criminal works, the intricacies and delicacies of dominance that must be displayed in everyday life and applied to one’s work, the secrecy, the orgasms of power, the sheer unadulterated selfishness and point of view that everyone else’s life is expendable. Racketeering is defined as “refers to criminal activity that is performed to benefit an organization such as a crime syndicate. Examples of it include extortion, money laundering, loan sharking, obstruction of justice and bribery”. Hank and my reaction were similar when we realized the truth about who is capable of racketeering.

In my time on this Earth, I have known several individuals part of crime syndicates. I have known racketeers and other criminals. These are highly intelligent, skilled, fearless, dominant individuals who are always dangerous. They are cunning, and they always tell the truth even when they lie (Scarface said that about himself). If they reach any level of legitimate racketeering, they have looked the eye directly in the eye and pissed in that eye. These are not individuals who fuck around by any means.

The Ferguson Police Department, however, fucks around an awful lot to not be considered a crime syndicate. In fact, their actions line up more with a crime syndicate, and while clearly incredibly guilty of crimes against American civil rights, they are guilty of federal racketeering as defined by “criminal activity to benefit an organization…such as obstruction of justice and bribery”. This definition could consider “bribery” to be more expansive, a bribe by way of skin perhaps. Consider the introductory paragraph the in the New York Times about Ferguson’s police activity: “Ferguson, Mo., is a third white, but the crime statistics compiled in the city over the past two years seemed to suggest that only black people were breaking the law. They accounted for 85 percent of traffic stops, 90 percent of tickets and 93 percent of arrests. In cases like jaywalking, which often hinge on police discretion, blacks accounted for 95 percent of all arrests.”

Perhaps bribery in Ferguson is bribery of skin. Bribery that if a white person is fucking around, it is not as dangerous as a person with black skin fucking around. What harm will be caused by a black person jaywalking, as opposed to a white person? Will a black person’s black skin harm more people while they are jaywalking than a white person’s white skin, while jaywalking? There is literally no logic or reasoning to these statistics, they clearly reflect a bribery of skin color.

There is another significant aspect to police racketeering, which is something called “civil forfeiture”. Civil forfeiture occurs when police find cash on a person and take that cash into custody. The person must prove a legitimate source of where this cash came from within a specified amount of time, otherwise the state claims this money and it goes into the public coffers. Recently, many police departments around the United States have been abusing the authority of civil forfeiture to jam up poor persons, persons of color, and other easily targeted individuals in order to accrue more money for their police departments.

The other part of this is that when civil forfeiture, drug busts (however small or large), and other money generating busts occur, that police department receives more federal money, meaning, that those police officers salaries increase. That is, police are stealing from citizens, legally, under the law. Similiarly, the more rip and runs a drug dealer preforms against his fellow dealers, the more he can expect to make from his theft and subsequent financial transactions from that stolen property. The difference is in how easy it is to get justice from these thefts: it is a lot more dangerous to run up on a cop than a drug dealer.

But that is not the purpose of civil forfeiture. The intended purpose is to assert control over how money is used. In the United States of America, a person does not own their money. The Federal Reserve owns the money, and the federal government borrows the money and makes it expendable to the citizens. This is not ownership of the money by way of the government or the citizenry. To put it another way, that dollar in your pocket is not really yours because the government can take it if they have reason to believe that you came about that money in an illegal manner. Maybe you’re a weed dealer. Maybe you’re Walter White. Maybe you’re a dude whose car broke down and you had a couple hundred dollars that you didn’t have the bank receipts for and the cop decided that hey, you’re wearing a Grateful Dead shirt, you’re clearly part of the hippie mafia (yes, the hippie mafia exists. Where do you think the LSD comes from in this country?). That is most certainly racketeering by police against citizens and it should be regarded as a federal crime.

Continued harassment of African-Americans citizens by way of disproportionately arresting, detaining, jailing, fining, and “jamming up” those citizens is more than a civil rights crime. That’s basically what the old school Italian mob did when store owners wouldn’t pay their dues, they would jam them up. Bribery against the mob was paying your fines. Bribery against the Ferguson Police force is having white skin.

I am aware that there are legitimate law enforcement agencies and officers. The Ferguson police department is no different than a street gang, and in fact, any given street gang may or may not have better ethics. It is at least a possibility.

In the words of one of my favorite ridiculous rappers, Riff Raff, the Ferguson police department is trappin’ like a fool. Here’s Riff Raff to proclaim the truth about those brothers in blue:

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Who Is These Niggas, I Don’t Know Them.

The title of this blog post may offend some, but indeed it is not a quote from me. Chief Keef’s song, “I Don’t Know Dem” which contains the lyrics “Who’s these niggas, I don’t know them?/Who’s these niggas, I don’t know them/This nigga looking at me like he want some”. I have used narrative discretion to not use the euphemism “n-word” but instead spell the full word out to keep the integrity of Chief Keef’s work intact.

Given the dramatic attention given to the number of African-American men who are being murdered by the police force, the representation of state monopolized violence, this song is particularly important to in a proper analysis of race relations in America. Chief Keef as an artist may have some pieces that are superficial, but many of his songs contain social commentary that is interwoven with themes of violence, sex, and drugs which appear superficial, but indeed are highly significant of the disadvantaged position many African-Americans endure daily.

The lyrics

This nigga looking at me like he want some
Pistol to his face if he owe some
My niggas they keep them tools make ’em blow some
OTF they ride for Sosa

mean, in accordance to help from Rap Genius, that if there is a rival around who wants to fuck with Mr. Kief, his niggas are gonna back him up and murder the rival with their “tech shit like lawn mowers”, Chief Keef’s reference to the ridiculously large assault rifles young Chicago gangsters are carrying around these days.

The song is a precise example of Chief Keef’s apocalyptic audio style, which signals the dominance of Chief Keef as a gangster within a dangerous area and the eerie presence of the specific type of horror one feels when living in a constantly dangerous area. “I Don’t Know Dem” contains direct, first hand information about the inter-workings of the underground African-American narcotic community that operates on a paradox of trust of “my niggas” and an inherent distrust of “niggas” one does not know. Within the narcotic dealing lifestyle, there are some African-Americans who refer to white people and other people of color as “niggas” to indicate that they are a part of the gangster, narcotic lifestyle. I have personally heard more than one person referred to as a “white nigga” and those persons were indeed, white and a narcotics dealers.

There were 38 homicides in Chicago in November of 2014, sixteen of which were on the street, and so far into the ten days of December there have been eight. The year of 2014 was a horrifying year for Chicago, seeing 393 homicides, the peak of which was in September with forty-four murders. The majority of victims are male, and many are teenagers.  In contrast, New York City, which has 8 million people to Chicago’s 2.7 million people has had 290 murders in 2014.

There is a monopoly of state violence perpetrated and represented by the police force of this country which has an absolutely undeniable record of killing African-Americans while sparing the lives of white people. American police officers kill a black man every twenty-eight hours. This is an alarming and unique statistic.

While this happens, there is a deliberate state-sanctioned effort to outsource the illegal, black-market narcotic industry to African-Americans. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a real part of American history, with the story of Freeway Ricky Ross being verified by the American government itself. If you are not familiar with this story, please Google “Freeway Ricky Ross CIA” and read about how our government engineered the spread of cocaine into the United States of America in exchange for a political alliance in El Salavador. It is one of the most heinous acts of killing two birds with one stone in United States history. The modern drug war acts in alliance with white supremacy to ensure the destruction of the African-American community and other peoples of color while maintaining the white monopoly on wealth and power.

Chief Keef’s song exists in a racial reality where black men have unequal access to the same educational opportunities as whites that allow them to hold comfortable corporate jobs, and instead have to choose dangerous street narcotic jobs. Chief Keef is not a stupid man. He survived the heroin trade as a teenager, a feat few people would be able to successfully live through as experienced adults. Furthermore, most people in the illegal drug industry are not unintelligent, in fact, many have a unique type of intelligence that many in mainstreamed society are unable to access.  He dedicates the song to “my niggas, O block” a reference to the fellow comrades in arms he soldiers on with. These are the only people he can trust, and as anyone who has watched a gangster movie knows, that trust doesn’t always come through long term. The war is real, it has been engineered by his government, and his opponents are both the white establishment that bound him with unequal opportunity, increased violence and humiliation, and the same black men who face the exact same problem he has. He has himself, his gun, and his niggas. It is a necessary decision to murder or be murdered.

The systematic act of the United States of America has caused a racial climate that is clearly attempting to commit genocide against black men both by their own hand and by the long arm of the law.

Many privileged white people act enraged by Chief Keef’s fast and irresponsible lifestyle. He has posted photos of himself receiving oral sex on Instagram, gotten pulled over for speeding 110 mph, and been placed under house arrest numerous times. My question to these privileged white people is: if you knew that you might die at any moment, how would you be living day to day?

Who are these people supposed to trust, when they absolutely cannot trust the police force of their country?

When white people deny this, we are murdering our fellow Americans.

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His Name Was Michael Brown

He was a man and he was our brother. He was not perfect. He liked to smoke marijuana, he may have committed a crime that day, he may have not always been perfect. That is why he is one of us. None of us are perfect.

I have smoked marijuana, and I may or may not have committed crimes. With all the legislation that binds us in this police state of America, it is doubtful to find very many American adults who have not committed crime in one capacity or another. It is certainly none of your business, as I am innocent of all crime I may or may not have committed until the state can provide a solid case against me to commit me to jail or prison, and it most definitely is not a reason for me to be shot. The difference between me and Michael is that I am white and assumed to not be dangerous.

Michael Brown may or may not have argued with a police officer, and may or may not have acted in the less than perfect manner. But I have acted out around police, and I have not only lived to tell the tale but was helped by the police officers I was difficult toward. I am not the only white person who has been helped by police whereas my black peer counterparts are afraid of the sight of a police vehicle. I am not a perfect human being. Michael Brown was not a perfect human being. Neither of us deserve death over our mistakes.

The only perfect people are Darren Wilson. The only perfect people are Robert McCulloch. The only perfect people are the people who say that this is not about race. The only perfect people are those who believe that it is reasonable for Wilson to have feared for his life due to a demon wearing a black man as a suit.

His name was Michael Brown and he was a human fucking being.