what if the worlds/were a series of steps/what if the steps/joined back at the margin

Blood Poem & Graffiti #29 (down by the houses)

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IMG_3277 (2)

The glass is holding something

Its behind my back, I cannot see it

Shattered. It shattered, crack clash I can hear the shards dance over the floor.

A little sliver pierces the bottom of my foot.

Or the side? There is blood.

There is blood everywhere!

When I came home, after I cleaned up the glass after I bandaged my food and cleaned it after

I slept and woke and bathed and went into the world and came back but before

I understood what was going on

There was blood everywhere.


Author: gzeu

intellectual queer femme who lives to maximize the experience of the beautiful assault that is our world. bohemian queen and hip hop scholar. I always tell the truth, even when I lie.

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